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I am a Vocal Artist with a passion for healing. My journey has taken me to various countries and in contact with many cultures. And as if by surprise I became an artist, though singing had been my first love! I simply had to make music in a way no-one had done before. I had to discover it on my own. 

Life has taken me through a path I could never have imagined. It has given me the freedom I was looking for: receiving guidance, creating with purpose and working with what I love.  

I love creating unforgettable moments where everyone gets lifted into the realm of magic. My performances are deeply emotional and reach out from my very core, into your heart and soul. From this place we can see our lives and the world from a different perspective.

My voice flows free to liberate you.

At the core of my expression is the desire to serve the Earth we live on. I believe we have to connect with the deeper layers within us, within each other and the Earth herself, to have a future on this planet. I believe your soul needs to be fully embodied here to serve it’s full purpose. I am here to sing to your essence and to empower you to live your truth. 

The Siren
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