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Meri Nikula, Äänitaiteilija (PHOTO Jari Mäntylä)_edited.jpg


Meri Nikula (FIN /SWE) is an experimental vocalist, performance artist and transformational healer. Her own voice and body are the core elements of creation.

Meri graduated in 2007 from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, The Netherlands, with a solo performance ‘In the Flesh I Reside’ for voice, body and video. The main theme of her artistic research and expression has been the human condition and a visceral, sensual way of researching how it feels to live on this planet, at this time, as a human being.

She has lived in several countries, and especially her years in Japan have left a mark in both her artistic expression as well as her way of seeing the world. 

Recently her work has been increasingly addressing environmental aspects, as the urgency to be more aware of the interconnectedness of everything is rising and the climate change has become a burning issue. She has started to collaborate directly with natural elements, incorporating ecological values into her creations, as a way to both honour nature as well as derive strength from it.

The healing effects of artistic creation and free vocal expression and the limitless possibilities of the human voice are the core subjects of her work and research. 

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