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On the Living Earth - Elävän Maan Äärellä

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

The bright autumn sun is radiant. It feels encouraging as it lights up my working space.

After having a baby, then nearly two years of Maternity Leave, at the same time having the pandemic and all, it is finally time to restart my work full time again!

I have felt very guided through the past couple of years. It hasn't been easy, many many times I've felt on the very edge of my capacity. As a single mom, as a solo entrepreneur, being an artist-healer, living between two countries and what have you. But despite all these challenges, there has always been a way through.

Sometimes very practically, like being able to cross the border (Finland-Sweden) both ways, where as many people could not enter or exit. And not only making it through, but expanding more fully into who I truly am on all levels.

This new version of me is getting some very interesting projects to work on right away! One of those is being a mentoring artist for Arcta Fast - project in the University of Lapland (Rovaniemi, Finland). The idea is working with a very short time frame, creating art for events and festivals with students.

For my first Arcta Fast creation I got to mentor a talented circus artist, Jenny Mansikkasalo, a master degree student. Returning to peat once again, that living matter from deep down below, we entered a very grounded, Sacred Space.

On The Living Earth was a Ritual Performance where we released some of the collective trauma around being Wild Wise Women: how to cut loose from the societal expectations, have a living connection to the seen and the unseen worlds and re-establishing a trusting, encouraging, loving connection between women of different ages and paths.

Kuvat: Inka Holck (Arcta Fast, ESR-project)

This ritual was performed at Solekko Fest, in Loihtua (Kittilä, Finland) where newly established ceremonial grounds happened to be there for us. The ritual became very powerful, a true initation took place and our audience went through many emotions and symbolic deaths and rebirths with us.

I am starting to embrace my new role as the 'older woman' the Wild Wise Woman who can bring others with me through the portal where we undress learned layers of expectations and turn to our Inner Wisdom, guided and held by the Earth.

Kuva: Jenny Mansikkasalo

And yes, we do this in a University setting! How wonderful is that? I am pro-science and pro-research. I think we will need new technologies as we try to continue living on this planet. But we ALSO need the connection to the Living Earth, if we wish to survive. We need both our connection to the Living Nature AND the New Technologies. We need both art AND science. And, in my opinion, even something greater to believe in - the spiritual world to guide us, to give us meaning and perspective.

I am so grateful to be here with you.

Let's keep evolving, expanding and understanding more of ourselves,

each other and the life on this planet in all forms.

With Love,


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