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The Fairy Queen of Winter has landed!

Updated: 2 days ago

This winter started with some magic made real as I was performing in the snow covered landscapes of Levi, Finland, as the Queen of Winter. Sparkling with (eco)glitter, jingling silver bells, fluffy fur and white feathers. It was a delight to bring joy and wonder to people, just being there!

The Opening of Levi World Cup. Performing as a part of Arcta Fast project. Scene designed and sculpted by professor Timo Jokela, Antti Stöckell (The University of Lapland) with students. Lights by Riikka Vuorenmaa and students from Lappia.

PHOTO: by Inka Holck


I was participating in two big events, the Aurora Future Event by YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company) and Levi World Cup. It was a refreshing contrast to some of my deeper works, where it is more about inner processes rather than fantastical characters. This time, I enjoyed being a Queen that lights people up.

During the World Cup, on Lapland Avenue, I got to meet the fabulous crew from Loihtua, formerly a traditional space for accommodating visitors for generations, that has now turned a new page and entered an era of revival of old spiritual traditions, including witchcraft!

Mirva, the hostess of Loihtua, shared a moment with me on their hand carved throne, with Reino the dog - who was very very excited as he met me, with all the jingly bells and feathers on my head...

I am sure he was not completely sure whether I actually was a human being or something completely different. As he was examining me closely, I had the chance to admire his hypnotising eyes!

PHOTO: Minna Kovero

After these intense days I have felt the call to take time and review the past few years. How does my work serve the bigger picture? Is everything that I do in alignment with who and what is most important for me?

It does feel like we are called to live a simpler life, to be present and in the moment as much as we can, even more than before. These times are so demanding on us... everything is getting a lot more hectic, complicated and intense. Our human experience needs some space to simply be, to feel, to allow, to calm down, to breathe. To connect with nature to balance out.

PHOTO: Minna Kovero

At the same time, I believe that we need some magic in our lives too! So that we can have faith that this world can create new ways of living that are more healthy and sustainable. We need to keep being creative, innovative, finding new solutions. Arts can serve as a source of inspiration, giving courage to think and act differently.


Take a moment and enjoy this short 'video postcard'

from Levi where you can see a few of the places where I got to perform.

A little pre-christmas greeting from me!

Wishing you peace and little sparks of joy to end this year with!

I feel very inspired to welcome the New Year 2023 as we all need

some refreshed energies after some very intense years.

Let's believe in a better world together and start creating!

No matter how small the steps might be.

I am here with you.

Much love,


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