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Award Winning Art Film 

”We are all water in the same Ocean.”
– Yoko Ono

6 Nordic Performance Artists invited to perform in and with water in The Sound/Öresund, Ribersborgs beach, Malmö, Sweden. Filmed in 4 days of August 2019. The intention of the film is to create an immediate sense of affinity with water, and to awake impulses and inspiration to explore the fact that our bodies are composed of water and that we live in a hydrosphere. And remind us of how precious water is, and that we need to protect water.

The Performance Artists; Sweden: Erik Högström, Lisa Nyberg, Joakim Stampe, Denmark: Elena Lundquist Ortiz, Finland: Meri Nikula, Finland/Venezuela: Ignacio Pérez Pérez.

Cinematographer: Benjamin Zadig. Sound Design: David Gülich.

Editor: Sascha Fülscher.

Music: David Carlsson Felicia Konrad Mats Persson. Mentor;

Director Jenifer Malmqvist.

Producer: Felicia Konrad, Jenifer Malmqvist.


Best Experimental Film'; ARFF Paris Around Film International 2021, European Short Film Festival 2021, Gliff Golden Lemur Film Festival 2021
and Arrow International Film Festival (jan-feb) 2022
Best Performing Art and Critics choice; Calcutta International Cult Film 2022
Best Sound Editing, Arrow International Film Festival
Best Cinematography; Arrow International Film Festival
Special Award; Cinematographer Benjamin Zadig/Precious Balance Walk; Cinematic European Film Festival 2022
’Outstanding Achievement’; DIFF Durk International Film Festival 2021, Reels International Film Festival 2022
Nominated Arthouse Finalist at Stockholm Independent Film Festival 2021
Nominated finalist Best Poetic at Lonely Wolf International Film Festival, London 2022
Nominated Best Experimental Gliff Golden Lemur Film Festival 2022
Selected; Prague International Indie Film Festival 2021, Serbest International Film Festival (SIFF) 2021, Water Docs 2021, Canada
Nov Nature & Culture - Poetry Film Festival 2021, Copenhagen, Denmark, Hollywood On The Tiber Film Awards 2021, 
Flickfair International Film Festival 2022, Snow Leopard International Film Festival 2022, 
With support from Nordic Culture Fund, Filmcentrum Syd, BoostHelsingborg, Marine Knowledge Center in Malmö, Oh Boy Hotel

Screenings of Precious Balance Walk
2021 6/9 Friis Frame, Panora Cinema, Malmö, Sweden
2021 6/10 Malmö Art Hall, Malmö, Sweden
2021 13/10 Nordic Labour Film Festival, Malmö, Sweden

2021 2/10 - 7/11 Precious Balance Walk, arthouse/experimental film, at Gibca Extended (Gothenburg International Biennal for Contemporary Art), 
Tjörns Municipality, Sweden

Film 2020 Precious Balance Walk (13.24) TRAILER

Streaming at TriArt, only Sweden;

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