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Reidar & Meri - Taivaanjaara.jpg


Animated Painting

Creating a new kind of viewing experience for a painting, Meri Nikula decided to animate it, combined with her voice. The video editing would be in layers, transparent images moving at different speeds. Enhancing and lifting up various parts of the painting, as an eye might trace through the canvas. Voices in layers to enrich the visual effect.  

The vocal track was improvised as Meri was watching the painting itself, letting it speak, as it were. This painting is of ‘Taivaanjaara’, a mythical goat Särestöniemi was fond of. This manlike goat would play the flute, like Satyrs do. The vocal track starts with a voice that sounds a bit like a goat, then turning into flute-like notes. 

The viewer gets to see the painting details first. Finally, the whole painting is revealed.

In collaboration with Särestöniemi Museum



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