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Site Specific Performance Installation

The Web is a performance installation, a collaborative piece created by Raquel Sakristán and Meri Nikula. The first version of this piece was filmed in Madrid, October 2019. This improvisational work is intended to be taken to various public spaces, creating a moment of connection, a living web between the artists and the viewers. For this version we had the amazing change to use this gorgeous white dress from a renowned fashion designer Israel Rodríguez. He was also kind enough to film this first process.

Woman dressed in white sings in a ceremonial mode. She is being woven into the surroundings by another woman, climbing like a spider around her, creating a neon coloured web to sustain her, to capture her, to hold her close.  

Raquel Sakristán - performance

Meri Nikula - performance ja voice

Israel Rodriguez - Meri's dress & camera

The Web
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