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Vocal Artist

Singing for me is a strongly embodied, spiritual process.

It is always a healing practice

and a deeply transformative practice.

As a Vocal Artist I have been performing around the world

but I am currently in a process of releasing music for the first time!

I can't wait to share my Vocal Mosaics  properly recorded and mixed for you.


Please listen to these moods

to have an idea of some of the various ways I use my voice:


I offer you this Healing Balm for the Wounded Heart. Lament for the loss of kindness, love and simplicity in this world.  So that we might find it again. (From my solo performance 'The Survival of the Fittest')


Vocal Healing Journey for you to release fear and tune in with your inner wisdom and sense of peace. Tune in with this Vocal Healing and let go, for a moment. Relax and release. New world is being created. 


The Siren of Sea Lapland - a mythical creature with an otherworldly voice. Enchanting and unique, her powerful song brings you to another reality. She awakens a part of you that believes in magic.


Vocal Mosaic is my original concept for composingn music for voice. This simple video shows you how I build a Vocal Mosaic in LIVE situations. I usually create it all from the beginning, recording each layer in the moment. Only voice in it's purest expression.


My free use of voice gets sometime truly wild! I connect with the spiralling layers of time and consciousness. Here you can hear some very expressive sounds. Let it vibrate through your body and shake loose anything that is ready to go!

THE WEB (Madrid)

This improvisational work is intended to be taken to various public spaces, creating a moment of connection, a living web between the artists and the viewers. Here we are in Matadero Madrid with my dear friend Raquel Sakristán weaving the visible web as I sing the invisible connection.

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