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Through the Rough Times

Sometimes... we just have to go on, walking through some of the harder paths. We just need to keep taking one step at the time. Through rocky terrains where there might be no path to follow, at all.

TRUST is such a big word with a profound meaning. When the going gets rough, sometimes all we can to keep trusting that the path will appear, even if we cannot see it. To keep trusting that we are being guided, even when we only have our intuition to follow.

My life is very blessed, in so many ways. I have two healthy, beautiful and wise children who are deepening their sister-brother relationship in wonderful ways! It is such a joy to witness and be a part of. And yet, motherhood has been hard for me, many many times. Often I have felt like I just didn't have enough capacity to be responsible for another human being. It is a HUGE responsibility.

And I now also have a gorgeous man who loves me unconditionally and is very very committed to being with me AND my children. But it has been hard too, for me, to ride the intense waves of an intimate relationship. Commitment is not something that comes naturally to me. I have to keep choosing. And I always keep processing. As someone who experiences life with such emotional force, immersing myself completely to all the highs and the lows  of life (which often vary from day to day, even moment to moment...) it is easily exhausting.

But... here we still are! As a family that keeps evolving together. Luckily they have been there for me and with me, while I struggle through my inner landscapes. Exhaustion and overwhelm, questioning it all... having too many responsibilites to handle. And yet, here we still are. And that trust is getting stronger.

There is more joy and lightness again.

There is more love and understanding,

for all our unique ways.

More acceptance of our different needs and desires,

being woven together to make

our special tapestry together.


But... why am I sharing all this? I want to try being as transparent as I can, sharing that EVEN THOUGH there are so many wonderful things in my life, it can STILL be quite challenging at times. Simply being highly sensitive AND very expressive human being makes normal life intense.

And... I feel the challenges shaking this world deeply as well.

This world is going through some really hard times.

We, as a human family.

War and insane violence, fear and hate

are filling our news.

Despair and uncertainty is messing with our collective consciousness.

We are lucky to live in peace with my children. We are safe and have everything we need. We are very priviledged. And I am painfully aware that this is not to be taken for granted.

And that is why it is so important

to cultivate inner peace,

to take time for self care.

As mothers, as artists, as lovers.

As individual human beings.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed and disempowered in these times. Do we really want to keep on repeating the same mistakes over and over again? Why don't we find the solutions that could solve the challenges we are facing? If there was TRUE willingness to find answers to our biggest problems, we would find them, no doubt about that. But... the power structures are still out of balance and there is still so much fear, selfishness and greed that brings out the worst in us.

I am choosing to disconnect from the noise

and focus on the simple things.

I am choosing to cultivate inner peace,

and to see the world full of infinite potential for healing,

no matter what.

I am choosing to see the good,

however small, strange or insignificant

and let it soothe my soul.

How are you cultivating YOUR inner peace?

Are you able to still see the preciousness of simple things?

How can you soothe your soul to heal?

Whishing you tiny moments of magic

within the every day life.

May we never forget the preciousness of life.


With deep, soulful blessings,

oceans of love and infinite hope

for this planet,


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