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Times of Great Change

It has been upon us... for some years now. Everything seems to get shaken up, many things are torn apart, twisted, turned upside down. In many situations the way forward or the possible outcome is simply impossible to clearly foresee. So... how to navigate through these times?

One of the ways my life has transformed recently is, as a 'Portuguese Pirate' as I call him, suddenly arrived into my life, in the midst of my single-parenting-independent-artist-healer-woman-thing going on... which is incredible yet also a shake up for sure!

We are asked to stay very very fluid and as flexible as possible. Moment by moment situations change and we might need to course correct suddenly, just when we thought everything was 'as it is supposed to be'. We are asked to look closer into our ways of thinking, always ready to change perspective when what we thought was 'the truth' can start shapeshifting before our very eyes. We are asked to be ready to change our ways of doing things, our ways of thinking and seeing the world through.

I believe we are all experiencing it, in our own ways. This Time of Great Change. We have an incredible opportunity to grow and expand our spiritual capacity. We are also put into humbling situations as humans, where we have to understand and accept the limits of our bodily, physical existence. Somewhere between the spiritual and the physical, our emotions move, wash away the old and take a leap of faith into the new.

And there it always is.

That next version of us, of our world.

Let's keep believing that positive change is possible.

Things we have never yet even imagined!

New inventions.

Completely new ways of living and loving.

We are creating it now, so let's make it an amazing place. Starting from our inner space. Letting it shift, change, grow and renew. Through pain and sorrow at times, but always open to welcome the moment as it is. Again and again. Breathing into the present. And reminding ourselves how each moment we are able to start over and create again.

What situation has made you stretch

beyond what you thought was possible for you,

in the past years or months?

In what ways has your world changed?

Sending you courage,

inner strength and clarity of your next steps.

With deep, soulful blessings,

great love and infinite hope

for this planet,


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