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Dedicated to Alberto de Torres (1974-2020) 

Our collaboration with Alberto was my first time creating art with a person who has down syndrome. Someone with such creative power, charisma and uncompromising artistry is very rare to meet.  

Alberto passed away soon after our first encounter. This remaining work is dedicated for his memory.

Alberto had never performed live before. His art has been about creating characters and being photographed. For our shared experiment he chose his own costumes, made his own make-up and improvised all the performative moments.  Our connection was made possible by Raquel Sakristán. A soulful artist with a special gift for finding a deep co-creative flow with people with intellectual diversity. It was our shared vision, to have a collective performance with us three as equal creators.  

We dreamt of working together in the future but the world wide pandemic had a devastating effect on Alberto’s health.

May his creative legacy live on. 

Collaboration with Alberto de Torres (performer), Raquel Sakristán (performer) and Meri Nikula (vocal artist)
Vídeo by Alex Lobo
Place: Matadero Madrid.

The white dresses of Meri Nikula and Raquel Sakristán's are designed by Israel Rodriguez.

Tríptico (2019)
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