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Vocal Performance on the Sea

The mythical Sirens sing their enthralling songs without instruments. Their call is very hard to resist. Those mysterious voices bring you to another reality.

In a similar way, Meri creates music using only her voice. She creates vocal tapestries that reach from low murmurs and abstract textures to crystal clear, angelic sounds. Without lyrics, as no language is needed, for the power of pure voice to express all that is necessary. And just like the waters of the world are all connected through the seas, her music is inspired by many cultures and vocal traditions. Her songs sound ancient and unheard of at the same time.

The Siren of Sea Lapland can be heard and experienced around the archipelago: on an island as ships come sailing in, or even on a ship cruising through the waves. During the winter on the ice, on an ice-breaker or in the snow castle. Enchanting and unique, her powerful song awakens a part of you that believes in magic.

Your imagination is the only limit.

The Siren

The Siren

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