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Solo Performance for voice, body and video

I EYE I. The children we have once been do not exist anymore. It is a haunting thought: we can never meet ourselves as a child, there is no way to re-enter that form of being and all those children are gone forever. Our physical form and our identity is a fleeting thing, we keep changing and transforming all our lives. Our our cells get replaced, our tissues get renewed every 7 years, on an average. How about that 7 year old me, do we still have something in common? Could I invite her here with me, to share this body?

​Experimental Festival at Tokyo Wonder Site, Japan

Music (all voices, recording and editing), 
Videos (filming and editing),
Concept, Costume and Performing 
by Meri Nikula

I Eye I

I Eye I


1. In The Flesh I Reside - birth/body/death (2007)
2. I Eye I - childhood (2010)
3. RED - womanhood (2011)

In this trilogy I am approaching themes of being human and the basics of 'living in the body' from an experiential point of view. Through one woman, through my own body in movement on stage and on videos and through my voice, live and pre-recorded, varying from 'singing' to very abstract forms of expression I mirror my dreams and visions of the 'human condition'.

Solo Performances for Voice, Body and Video

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