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2. Touch of the Golden Sun (Photo _Pia Suonvieri 2020).jpg


Ritual Performance (30min)

In this ritual performance I bathe you in the energy of gold through sound, visuals and channelled transmissions.

It first came to me, the energy of gold, when I was being prepared to birthing new life through me. In a holy temple mountain of Koya, in Japan, I spent a night alone in a room that had golden walls. Golden energy came strongly to me in many ways, during that summer, in a way I had never experienced it before.  

After these intiations of golden radiance, my daughter was called in. Through becoming a mother, my life changed in a most powerful way. It has been one strongest initiations for a fully embodied life on Earth for me.

Gold holds an energy of very high vibrating frequencies in a strongly embodied form. For me it is the symbol of manifesting pure, aligned visions in the physical. Gold is like honey, rich and abundant, healing and grounding. 

Let the Golden Energy nurture you, fertilise you! What are you birthing at this time? 

Touch of the Golden Sun

Touch of the Golden Sun