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Performance with roots

Roots - grounding and empowering. Protecting Life. Sometimes heavy and restricting, swallowed by the stories of the past. Could you make the wisdom of your grandmother's lift you up? Could you make wings out of your roots? 

The ‘roots’ used in this performance are branches from old pines from my mother’s inherited forest. The inheritage of hard labor and simple life becomes a creative resource through art. 

How do we recognise our own roots? What makes us feel, in a certain place, that we belong? It can happen in places we have never been before. There can be a deeper sense of connection that goes beyond the conscious recognition of a place.

Music (all voices, recording and editing), 
Concept, Costume and Performing 
by Meri Nikula

JUURILLA - live at Pentik Gallery, Posio, Finland



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