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Solo Performance for voice, body and video

IN THE FLESH I RESIDE is about the beauty and the grotesqueness of living in the body, in the flesh, being the 'meat' that we are. Our thoughts, our imagination, our spirit is always free, living without gravity. But the body is vulnerable: our flesh is soft, unprotected, it can feel pain, it will decay and die in the process of living.  Where is the meeting point between our flesh and our spirit, between the physical and the invisible, the limited and the limitless in us? Where does one begin and the other end? How much control do we have in this process of decaying and continuous transformation?  ​​

Music (all voices, recording and editing), 
Videos (filming and editing),
Concept, Costume and Performing 
by Meri Nikula

In The Flesh I Reside

In The Flesh I Reside


1. In The Flesh I Reside - birth/body/death (2007)
2. I Eye I - childhood (2010)
3. RED - womanhood (2011)

In this trilogy I am approaching themes of being human and the basics of 'living in the body' from an experiential point of view. Through one woman, through my own body in movement on stage and on videos and through my voice, live and pre-recorded, varying from 'singing' to very abstract forms of expression I mirror my dreams and visions of the 'human condition'.

Solo Performances for Voice, Body and Video

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