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Performative Process for a video, photos (and a baby!)

Moving in the swamps through my pregnancy has been a holistic process of owning my full womanhood. Connecting with nature in a very intimate and vitalising way. Swamps are strongly feminine places, with their mysterious depth and function that is seemingly unnecessary. Wearing only peat that is 5000 years old, pure natural product from the ‘womb’ of the Earth, used for it’s healing qualities, I have embraced the feminine power within me as well as in nature. Reclaiming my sovereign power as a woman, pregnant with new life, bringing the deep and dark, hidden aspects of life into light, to be shared and celebrated. Giving my voice and body to the process I embrace and honour the Earth as my home and my Mother. 

Through working on the Womb Song, I have embraced the feminine aspects in nature: the dark, the wet, the hidden and even feared or shunned. Through this layered connection, bringing the hidden and buried out in the open.

Let there be life. 

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